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It’s Summer – time for a clear out?

With the sun shining and everyone generally in a good mood, many households decide it is an appropriate time for a clear out. Here are a few hints and tips to spruce up your home or even your self storage container……

Use the outdoors

Take advantage of the good weather and while you are working through each room, you can always temporarily put things outside for a few hours. Making space means you can see what you have more clearly and also establish exactly what you want to keep or get rid of. It goes without saying that if you have items that need wiping down, washing or simply just airing, there is nothing better than airing them to help everything seem re-energised and refreshed.

Take it steady – one room at a time

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take it one room at a time and take it steady, particularly if you are reliant on putting things outside whilst you work through them – we all now how quickly the British weather can change. Make sure you finish one room completely before starting on the next.

Be ruthless

If you are really wanting to clear out properly, it is a case of ‘cruel to be kind.’ Go with your gut instinct and if you don’t use something regularly or you had forgotten it even existed, it is likely that you won’t really miss it. Our advice is get rid of it! Work out what needs to go back in the room, what needs to be put in alternative storage or what you could sell, donate or bin.

Get selling

They say ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ It is amazing how much money you can make from selling your possessions online on sites such as ebay or preloved. Yes it might take a bit of time to set up an account, photograph and list your items but it can also be lucrative. Consider what might be worth selling and get online – you’ll be surprised what people will buy!

Finally… If you can’t fit it in, find some decent storage

So you’ve worked your way through your possessions and you have some that you want to keep but simply don’t have room for. That’s where companies like M60 Self Storage come in. We pride ourselves on offering a great storage solution to our customers and being secure, affordable, flexible and easy. Perfect for all household and commercial storage needs.

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