Proud to be Direct Debit Originators - M60 Self Storage
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Proud to be Direct Debit Originators

We’re delighted that M60 Self Storage are now officially direct debit originators. A huge thank you to all of our customers who were extremely co-operative and efficient swapping over to a different payment method. Direct debits make it much easier for us as a company and for our customers, which is why we took the decision that all clients from May 2015 onwards would pay by direct debit for our services and the system was installed.

As is the case with most things, we’ve tried to make sure we have done things properly and not only have we moved over to direct debit but we have even achieved Direct Debit Originator status from the start. This means that M60 Self Storage is authorised by a bank to submit payments directly without having to go through a third party provider. We’re proud to achieve this status.

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